The first signs of change are visible. Then, people are inspired and energized to embrace the change truly.

Ensure that the ideas and initiatives that emerge and contribute to the realization of the vision receive the proper attention. In addition, unwanted side effects are addressed so that the energy goes into the beautiful new things that arise.

In this phase, the change takes shape more and more, and depending on what starts to grow, you decide where the attention will go as an organization.

Product Owner Learning Journey

The only journey where you learn and improve with the entire organization

The Product Owner is a crucial part of the organization in delivering a valuable outcome. Strong knowledge and experience are needed to fulfill this role as an entrepreneur and guide teams and stakeholders in the right way to increase market potential and satisfy customers.

“Not only our Product Owners are better at their job, the entire organization benefits in this collaborative journey.”

The value of the product owner journey

The Product Owner Journey is the way to deepen the understanding and knowledge of Product Owners in a fast, effective, and fun way.

It’s an integrated co-learning journey shared with key stakeholders (team, scrum masters, other product managers, and management) of the Product Owners. By getting the same information and knowledge, collaboration and understanding increase how to grow as an individual and organization.

After this journey, the Product Owners have received introspection, facilitation techniques, and tools to continuously support an active Product Owner community to learn and improve their craft.

Who should attend this journey?

The Product Owner journey applies to Product Owners and Product Managers who are active and experienced in Product Ownership and want to further professionalize in PO craftmanship.


  • We expect you to have at least passed the PSPO 1 or an equivalent certificate
  • You have 8 to 12 Product Owners who want to take on this journey within your organization.
  • Commitment to invest at least six months

Our unique approach requires relevant managers, customers, stakeholders, and Scrum Masters to engage in the sessions to learn together and get the most out of this journey.

Journey overview & objectives

A tailored made program where six different relevant topics will take place over 6-12 months.

  1. From Vision to Product Goals
    Learn how to create a Product Vision and communicate the vision and transform it into clear Product Goals.
    Co-learning with: Managers / Product Managers
  2. Measure Product success
    Learn how to define and use the right metrics to get insights about your product performance.
    Co-learning with: Scrum Masters / Product Managers
  3. Breaking down the work
    Learn how to use story mapping, describe Epics, features, User stories, and apply MVP thinking.
    Co-learning with: Product Managers / Scrum Masters
  4. Cross-product alignment & collaboration
    Learn how to create common goals, interact and align with stakeholders to manage expectations, and manage dependencies cross-teams.
    Co-learning with: Product Managers / Managers / Key stakeholders
  5. Optional module – Entrepreneurship
    Learn how to manage your team as a small company where you are responsible for the right investments, earnings, costs, and creating partnerships with other teams.
    Co-learning with
    : Managers
  6. Optional module – To be defined
    To be defined with the participated PO group

Contact us if you want to know more about the details and investment to start this journey