In the harvest period, you reap the benefits of the change. The organization and its people thrive, and teams deliver value.

During this period, you balance the hard work to achieve results and the time to relax.

You take the time to celebrate the successes and to reflect. Then, more rest and distance are necessary to determine the next steps.

Self-org offering

You have achieved wonderful first results in your transformation journey. This is a great time to reflect and consider your next big step. You now have a decent overview of where and how value is created. Now it’s time to optimize your org structure to better support your value creation.

Co-creating and self-organizing this new structure with your teams increase the adaptation of this change.

What does it look like

What will you gain:

  • Get a common understanding of the different kinds of self-organization
  • Create a shared vision on the level of autonomy granted
  • Experience a self-organization simulation in a safe environment
  • Craft a common language around the theme of self-organization
  • Explore and reflect on the patterns & behaviors that arise
  • Create a plan on how your self-organization journey will start
  • Understand how to involve everyone needed through co-creation

We will guide you in this process toward a new organizational structure with ownership at the team level. (Nog zin met management?)

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